We Are Not All in the Same Boat

But we all need to be rowing in the right direction

We Are Not All In The Same Boat

Businesses have all been affected by the pandemic differently. There are companies that are unaffected, for example many landscape companies are currently trudging along and doing fine.  Thankfully, made in Pennsylvania cabinet companies are now open (yeah!) and can begin the production lines again. Not all businesses are so lucky. Some are closed with no confirmed open dates, and the uncertainty and concern about their future is very real. At a macro level, this global situation is unprecedented, but at a business micro level, it has happened before, and to many businesses. By exploring their innovative mindset, it can spark some revolutionary changes to your company, and a new mindset can change the outcome, and create growth.

Netflix: Began as a movie rental company mailing DVDs in competition with Blockbuster. By looking at their market steps ahead, they revolutionized in home movie watching. They had collected enough data through their sales channel accurately predict patterns in the future.

Netflix’s mission statement is “We promise our customers stellar service, our suppliers a valuable partner, our investors the prospects of sustained profitable growth, and our employees the allure of huge impact.”

Legos: Was on the heels of closing until they made a Legoland movie. They revitalized the brand by demonstration through the movie storyline.

Lego Group Mission Statement is ‘Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’ Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility.

The list goes on, with many embracing technologies. Kindle Books, Google Maps, and Uber have all changed the way we live today.

Stay True to Your Core Mission Statement

The core philosophies that guided your business from the beginning should always remain.  That story, and audience should remain relevant. Thinking outside the box, while honoring your fundamental philosophies is key.

Find Your Tribe

You need to be encircled by supportive employees and peers that embrace change and are energetic and open to self-reflection. The naysayers and unmotivated have no place at your table. Surround yourself with the most positive, inspiring peers.

Solve a Problem with a Win-Win

This pandemic has caused roadblocks to free commerce. Ask yourself how can you solve a problem for consumers?  How can I provide a service or produce with a positive impact? At Perfect Six, we assisted customer service for a manufacturer temporarily operating with a skeleton crew on staff.  They needed help and we were staffed and ready to step in. Be nimble, quick, and smart.

Create Awareness

Your awesome new initiative must be announced to the public.  Press releases, social media posts and listing on the over 150 directories that exist will ensure your success. Spending on marketing is an insurance policy to keep you in the forefront of consumers’ minds.

What About Now?

Today, business owners must be reaching out to customers, and keeping them appraised of the company status. This situation is very fluid, and consumers need to know if you are open or closed, and current policies.  Be sure to have your website and Google Business status updated. Weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram should suffice if you are temporarily closed. Emails are the perfect vehicle to announce noteworthy changes to your status. If you are open, shout it to the world!! We could all use the good news.

Denise Grothouse is the President of Perfect Six Marketing. A full-service agency servicing made in USA brands.

Denise@perfectsixmarketing.com  p.484-725-6023