Small Business Time Saving Tips

Small business time saving tips don’t have to require a calculator and 24 hours to figure out.  We all know the expression, “time is money”. When it comes to the business world no statement could be any more true. On the days the work seems endless we all wish the day could be just a little bit longer if anything just to get through a few more ideas. There are a few strategies you can implement into your everyday work life to help promote time efficiency. Now I’m sure you’re reading this post to procrastinate your next task so we’ll make this quick.

Small business time saving tips for a business owner in Pennsylvania by Perfect Six Marketing.

Top 5 Small Business Time Saving Tips

1. Have less meetings.

Let’s be honest. No one really enjoys those weekly 8am Monday morning meetings. Even the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee box and sugary donuts off to the side can’t make it somewhat bearable. Instead of wasting you and your employees time with these meetings go ahead and cancel them. The time spent watching each other sleep could be used more productively to get a head start on answering those lengthy emails that fill our inboxes every morning.

2. Clean your workspace.

Little desk knick-knacks sure may look cool, but one glance too long can put you in a procrastination trance almost impossible to get out of. Clean off your desk so the only thing in front of you is the task you are supposed to be working out. This goes for you and your employees. The time-saved between the both of you will help you forget all about that mini plastic cactus.

3. Take notes.

Instead of re-teaching the same task over and over again to employees have someone take notes and form a “how-to” guide. This third part of the small business time saving tips gives you more availability in the future to handle new employee training techniques.

4. Make self-appointments.

Whether it be daily or weekly book an appointment with yourself. Running a company can be hard work. Sometimes you just need an hour or two uninterrupted to get your work done. Make employees aware of this “appointment” and use the appointment time to your advantage.

5. Deal with your mail.

Instead of reading an email or letter multiple times before responding to it, deal with it as soon as you read it. Not only will this clear your inbox, but it will clear out some time later in the day as well.

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