How to Market Yourself on Social Media

Denise Grothouse, President and Founder of Perfect Six Marketing in Allentown, PA, shared some tips with WFMZ on how to market yourself on social media.

Denise Grothouse and Nancy Werteen of 69 News

The main takeaway? Start thinking about yourself as a brand and use social media to convey that story. What do you do? Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? And—most importantly—what sets you apart? Answering these questions will help solidify your brand story and allow you to better understand how to proceed with social media marketing campaigns.

“Everybody has a story,” Grothouse advises. “And it’s about being vulnerable. That’s what’s going to make you stand out and stop people from scrolling because you’re not saying what everyone else is saying. It’s unique to you.”

Perfect Six Marketing’s brand story? Grothouse realized the incredible opportunities American businesses have after traveling the world and seeing different conditions in other countries. This realization inspired her to help American businesses grow their success through marketing initiatives.

So why market yourself on social media instead of other platforms? Grothouse explains the importance of social media marketing in today’s business world, listing the following benefits:

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