We Are a Logo Design Company

We create logos that evoke an emotion – a feeling that is encapsulated in colors, letters, or shapes. Your logo is what consumers will picture when they think of your brand. It is important to ensure that image is a proper representation of who you are.

Perfect Six is modeled with all social, website, SEO, advertising, public relations, and marketing initiatives reinforcing each other to create a complete presence, much like the factors add up to a perfect number. Our logo signifies the importance of a collective digital marketing experience through the six red building blocks that form a visual upward arrow, mirroring the increases our proprietary marketing services provide businesses.

Perfect Six Marketing

For example, when we think of Coca-Cola, we picture the white background and the classy red font. We automatically relate drinking Coca-Cola with a favorite meal, a fun sporting event, or another positive experience. Maybe your grandfather had a Coca-Cola collection which he shared with you. All of those experiences, memories, feelings, and emotions start with the logo.

Coca Cola Logo

Logo Design by Frank M. Robinson

The Target logo has been in existence since the 1960’s in a variety of forms. One of the factors that makes the Target logo so appealing is its simplicity. Because the Target corporation chose its logo as a reflection of its name, the meaning is easy to identify. The bullseye image is immediately recognizable with the bold red of the graphic connecting with the red and white rings on a traditional archery target.

Logo Design by Stewart Widdess Team

The process of creating a logo involves several different aspects, from market research and conceptual drafts to final revisions. It requires both artistic skill and technical knowledge, on top of a thorough understanding of marketing and branding. Join us to create a logo that resonates. Click here to learn more about logos.

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Perfect Six Marketing

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"What differentiates Perfect Six from the competition is their ability to execute, track, and adjust your marketing strategy. I have used over a dozen marketing agencies and Perfect Six was the first to conquer my online strategy. The result has been an 100% increase in event sales in the past 18 months!"

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