Being Charitable at Perfect Six Marketing

By Denise Grothouse

Our company is full of environmentally and socially conscious people. In support of that,  we fulfill our need to encourage humanity in a variety of ways. Being charitable is a core value at Perfect Six, and we support charities here in Allentown, PA as well as those throughout the planet. When you work with us, you are working with a company that strives to improve the world we live in.

Safety and Education

We sponsor Mila, a young girl growing up in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.  The Gaza Strip is a volatile area and has been subject to frequent conflict. It is a dangerous place for a young growing girl, and our support allows her to prosper with proper education and daily meals.

Gaza Strip Being Charitable Perfect Six

Stewards of the Oceans

As we work to be good stewards to our community, we also support the Stewards of the oceans. When you sign up as a client of Perfect Six, we adopt a Whale. On some occasions, a dolphin may tug at our hearts and we sponsor one of these cheerful and helpful friends. Our company partners with organizations that monitor, advocate and educate to promote protective policies that assure their safety.

Orca Adopt Perfect Six Marketing

Our Local Community

Perfect Six calls the Lehigh Valley our home and are fortunate to live in an area where businesses come together and support those in need. We rotate our support based on the urgency of the situation and the opportunity to make a great impact.  As a result, our team raised over $20,000 for Leukemia via a series of LLS events, and we support many individual charities ongoing. We believe in the American Dream and our ability to construct a world of harmony, happiness, and health.  If you have a charity and wish to ask for support, reach out to us via our contact form here.

Denise Grothouse is the President and Founder of Perfect Six Marketing, Vice-President of the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley, and Director of Public Relations for the Heroplex Foundation.