Easy Cleaning Hacks – Kitchens – Appliances – Bathrooms

Easy cleaning hacks can be a life saver in kitchens everywhere, especially for us messy cooks.  Being a messy cook is both a blessing a curse. There’s always a fresh supply of yummy cookies and cakes for family members and friends to indulge in. Now part of the curse is the disheveled kitchen that gets left behind. This means flour stuck in every little nook and cranny and a sticky floor covered in who knows what. Instead of calling your dog over to get the crumbs you left behind follow these kitchen and appliances cleaning hacks to make your life easier.

Although electric stoves tend to be chosen for a design standpoint, a majority of Americans prefer a gas stove for even heating when cooking. On the other hand, this means that stove burners are very susceptible to grease. Buying a grease remover at the store can be an extra expense. Take some hydrogen peroxide from one of your bathroom’s medicine cabinets and combine with baking soda. Scrub each burner and grate to remove grease stains.

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