Not Enough Hours in Your Day?

You’re not alone. It seems like everyone has a few too many things on their plate. But, maybe I can take one off of yours.

LG Styler steaming wardrobe

The LG Styler will make your laundry routine drastically easier. It uses TrueSteam®️ technology to perform multiple functions. Tired of waiting hours to air dry your delicates? Gently dry your sweaters and lingerie in as little as 20 minutes without fear of shrinkage or heat damage. Hate ironing? Just place your clothes in the LG Styler and it will eliminate wrinkles and crease pants for you. Want to freshen up some clothes? Throw them in and enjoy fresh clothes without wasting the water needed for a full wash.

It really is that easy. The LG Styler just needs you to plug it in, fill the water container, and select the cycle. Download the SmartThinQ®️ app and program the cycle from your phone!

Skip the Dry Cleaner.

Save money and time by letting the LG Styler clean fabrics you’d normally take to the dry cleaner. Or, fabrics you’ve been meaning to take to the dry cleaner. There’s no shame in admitting it. I think we all ignore those items that are waiting to be dry cleaned. And if you don’t, kudos. But why not skip the whole hassle? Just select the proper cycle and the LG Styler can safely clean leather, silk, wool, and faux fur among others.

Sanitize Everything.

Perhaps my favorite function of the LG Styler is its sanitation cycle. Think pillows, stuffed animals, couch cushions… You can go crazy with it.

This function isn’t just for germaphobes either. The sanitize cycle can reduce up to 99% of allergens, which is great for people with asthma or bad allergies. The LG Styler is certified with the Asthma & Allergy Friendly Mark, so you know it’ll really make a difference in your laundry routine.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 17 ½” x 72 3/4” x 23”
  • Weight: 183lbs
  • Colors: Mirror, White, Black
  • Portable Water Fill and Drain Container (no plumbing necessary)

Author: Courtney Brodeur

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