Benefits of Eating Oranges

there are many benefits of eating oranges they have vitamin c as well as other nutrients

There are many benefits of eating oranges. Passing by the refrigerator section in the grocery store it’s easy to see the wide variety of orange juices available. You make a quick stop and glance over the brand claiming to be adding extra calcium or vitamins to their juices. We’ve all been there. But is paying extra for these modified juices really in your wallet’s best interest? Or our orange health benefits enough on their own? The answer dates all the way back to 2500 BC.

History of Oranges

Oranges were first grown in Southeastern Asia and eventually through trade and exploration spread to the rest of the world. The orange “juicing” phase didn’t begin until much later when it was discovered to be an aid in curing and preventing diseases. Ancient doctors used orange oils and juice to heal wounds quickly. Even today those at risk for cancers such as skin, lung, breast, stomach, and colon are instructed to consume orange juice as a natural preventative measure.

Other Benefits of Oranges

You may be surprised to find out that the benefits of eating oranges don’t just stop at consumption.  Applying a thin layer of freshly squeezed orange juice on top of the skin can reduce wrinkles and provide an organic perfume at the same time. Popular shampoo companies noticeably increased their number of citrus scents over the past few years. The reason being that orange conditions hair and adds a notable shine. Your ladies’ DIY spa night is just a few oranges sitting on your counter away.

Next time you pull out that juicer just remember even common fruits like oranges can be beneficial to your body. Oranges are helpful on their own, there’s no need to pay extra for added vitamins. Try out this trick to get the most out of your orange; before juicing an orange have it sit on the counter for a few hours at room temperature. This way you’ll get the most juice possible and all the health benefits along with it!