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As a Public Relations firm, our services are inclusive of digital and in-person events. For public and private events, we can manage the entire event, designing the invitations, scheduling the venue, catering, step and repeats, contacting the media and photography.

We promote the event digitally on the relevant social platforms. For digital events we promote the event on multiple platforms and create a fulfilling and connecting event. We can structure our management to be all inclusive or choose our services à la carte. To learn more about marketing your business, read the modern toolkit created by Denise Grothouse.

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"Though I was initially skeptical about working with a marketing firm that did not specialize in Managed Service Providers/IT Companies my skepticism was quickly abated. Perfect Six Marketing quickly silenced my concerns not with words but with actions. They did deep dive into our business and immersed themselves in understanding the full array of services that we offer. They were especially focused on our award-winning cybersecurity services that have won numerous local and national recognition. The Perfect Six Marketing team also worked closely with our various departments (sales, operations, service delivery, etc.) to make certain that no stoned was unturned in making sure that our message was accurate and worthwhile to the audience as well as beneficial to Lehigh Valley Technology Company. Denise Grothouse leads a team of very hard-working, customer-focused, and highly responsive marketing professionals including Morgan and Alison as well as others who work with us day in and day out. I highly recommend Perfect Six Marketing to any business of any size that wants to improve their marketing program and grow their business."

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