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Digital Advertising

Have you ever felt like you were talking about something and then saw an advertisement relevant to your discussion? Perhaps you felt you were being listened to? More likely, it is your behaviors that are being tracked (known as data points) that resulted in the advertisement.

Perfect Six Click-through Rate versus Industry Average
Client Keyword P6 Click-through Rate Industry Average
Lehigh Valley Grand Prix Team Building 25% 0.5%
Grothouse Custom Wood Countertops 14% 0.5%
Kountry Kraft Custom Cabinets 6.2% 0.5%

Digital Advertising includes any paid online advertising, Google, Bing, Yahoo. Advertising online is a complex mathematically based environment that encapsulates behaviors and demographics to target the audience. If you want your advertising spend to pinpoint the exact audience, saving time and money, we are your team. Perfect Six identifies and targets the correct audience with pinpoint accuracy and create advertisements that authentically resonate with the buying audience to create meaningful interactions.

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