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Interacting with a product or service provides an experience, and we buy them with that experience in mind. The companies that create and market those products or services, know exactly the experience they want you to have when you make, or consider making, a purchase. That’s why they create a brand.

Your brand may be the ultimate factor for consumers when they decide whether or not to make a purchase. In a 2015 global Nielsen survey, almost 60% of shoppers said they actively buy from brands they know, and 21% said they bought a product because they liked the brand.

Your brand is a mirror to your identity and represents your mission statement in bite sized form. The feeling your brand evokes, the fonts, the colors, shape and size are all elements to be considered. We help you gather all the pieces, the soul of your company and bring your brand standard to life.

Beyond the creation of your brand, we assist in implementing and managing your brand identity and standards on all platforms, from internal company forms to t-shirt designs to social media profiles. Visit our blog to learn more about branding, or click here for more insight from Perfect Six Founder, Denise Grothouse, on developing a go-to plan for your brand.

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