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Billboard Design

Even with the growth of technology and digital marketing, billboards continue to play an essential component as a marketing tool for some demographics. You only get about five to ten seconds to make an impact. We will design to make sure your billboard is memorable using one philosophy: less is more.

The most effective messages are always the most simple using short and simple words that are easy to comprehend. You want your audience to be able to read your message safely while driving by at 50 mph or more.

When thinking about colors used in the design, our team considers all components, including the location of your billboard. Is it mostly a sky background? Does the board sit in front of trees? Is it fall, where the trees are orange, or winter, where the trees are bare?

The most memorable boards elevate the mundane into the extraordinary, using few words to present a clear call-to-action and provide a demonstration. A billboard campaign created by the Perfect Six team is well-thought out to present your messaging clearly and consistently, and most importantly, to make an impact. Click here to learn more about effective designs.

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